Eat Out: Noodle Cat

We went to the circus yesterday afternoon downtown and went to Noodlecat on Euclid Avenue and East 4thish after the big show.  Noodle Cat is The Greenhouse’s Jonathan Sawyer’s noodle shop that is right around the corner from the Greenhouse.  There is also a Noodlecat stand that opened recently at the West Side Market.

The restaurant is a bare bones, hipster sort of place.  Courtney and I got Sapporo on draft and the girls go sodas.  We had 4 different kinds of steamed buns: 2 each of pulled pork; fried chicken; tempura vegetable; and the chef’s special of the night: smoked sausage.  All were excellent, the tempura vegetable was my favorite.  We all ordered bowls of noodles also – I had spicy short ribs with beef broth and scallions, Sophie and Grace had chicken, Claire had spicy shrimp and Courtney had pork with a 6 minute egg.  Courtney’s pork had the best flavor.  Fun, quick and cheap place to go.  The steamed buns are especially good.

Happy to be out with everyone on a Saturday.
The girls.
Bowls of good stuff.
Slurping up their noodles.

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