Lots of Green

CSA Week #4: lots of lettuce, greens, green cauliflower, cucumbers…
hostas loving the rain the last few days
morning glories starting to pop

pots looking good
vegetable garden filling in
Jack’s face was pretty green at brunch on Sunday at MGB 😉
Grace excited for her chicken and waffles

CSA Week #2

We are doing Fresh Fork Market again this year for the third time. Friday was week #2 and was a good load with Ohio Strawberries, garlic scapes, fresh salsa, canned peaches and lots of other goodies. I’m making ground beef, bok choy and garlic scapes stir fry tonight… sounds good.

CSA Week #15

How can it possibly be week #15 already? A good load: spaghetti squash, corn, beans, ham hock, pears, peaches, butternut squash pasta, poblano peppers, little sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes and bacon that we just had w BLTs for dinner tonight. The Best.