It’s basil season on Edgecliff and we’ve got lots…

I grew four kinds this year. The standard genovese variety…
…a red variety I forget the name of – different than the one I usually grow (and don’t like it as much)…
…thai basil (going to try thai basil mojitos this weekend)…
…cinnamon basil – too pretty to pick.
If one has lots of basil then of course one needs to make pesto:  One huge load of basil…
…about three heaping cups once trimmed and cleaned…
…about 1/3 cup of pine nuts…
…a couple cloves of garlic (this beautiful garlic is from our CSA and is so much fresher and such a huge difference…who knew)….
Swirl it all together in the Cuisinart with a healthy dose of good olive oil et voila.
Pasta with super fresh pesto and lots of herbs, zucchini with lots of basil and some really cool purple carrots (sauteed in butter and maple syrup).  A beautiful summer plate of freshness.

Lots of Green

CSA Week #4: lots of lettuce, greens, green cauliflower, cucumbers…
hostas loving the rain the last few days
morning glories starting to pop

pots looking good
vegetable garden filling in
Jack’s face was pretty green at brunch on Sunday at MGB 😉
Grace excited for her chicken and waffles

Spring is almost here…right…

My order of coleus seeds came today so that means it’s almost spring…right?  Courtney and Mary went to the Home and Flower show yesterday.  That means it almost spring…right?

Six different kinds of coleus, some lettuce, some beets and some basil

February is the worst month ever. Ever! But spring will be here soon.

Forsythia last year in our garden. I think it was here mid-March.
The tree peony show in April.
Beautiful dark purple lilacs in early May
early crop radishes
the hosta border in mid-May

…please come soon Spring.





Wade Oval Wednesday

We went to our second Wade Oval Wednesday this week.  It was an Irish band that was good: better than last week’s Commodore’s tribute band.  It was a perfect night: not too hot, but a great night for a picnic.

claire and sophia
the chef talk going on at the botanical gardens. not sure who the chef was?
love these stepping stones
it took a little bit of talking to get sophie in the tub….but she did 🙂
the beautiful herb garden looking good as always
we forget Sophie is only 10 sometimes!
beautiful purple basil
sophie getting her snow cone on
study: cleveland museum of art
made it home JUST in time to see the very end of the sunset on a beautiful night

In and around the garden, June 2012

beautiful shot of one of mom and dad’s hydrangeas
cleveland botanical gardends. note to self: concrete pots tucked in empty spots in beds. nice
happy frog
courtney and sophia at cleveland botanical gardens
cleveland botanical garden. they took spent allium blooms and stuck them in similar sized stakes to make a new arrangement. cool.
cleveland botanical garden. pussy willow trellis.
cleveland botanical gardens. note to self: red basil and white/yellow petunias – nice combination
cleveland botanical garden. lace cap hydrangea.
our back yard mid june.