Spring is almost here…right…

My order of coleus seeds came today so that means it’s almost spring…right?  Courtney and Mary went to the Home and Flower show yesterday.  That means it almost spring…right?

Six different kinds of coleus, some lettuce, some beets and some basil

February is the worst month ever. Ever! But spring will be here soon.

Forsythia last year in our garden. I think it was here mid-March.
The tree peony show in April.
Beautiful dark purple lilacs in early May
early crop radishes
the hosta border in mid-May

…please come soon Spring.






Amazing spring day here in Cleveland.  I took these pictures on the lagoon in front of the Cleveland Art Museum during lunch today.  It was sunny and in the high 70s as it has been for the past week.  Amazing stuff.

spring 8

back to our yard…daffodils are all out

the herbs are still growing from last year…we had two rosemaries last the winter…that never happens.