The Cunning Little Vixen

Jack and I attended the opera “The Cunning Little Vixen” put on by the Cleveland Orchestra at Severence Hall last week – well actually two weeks ago – I’m a bit behind here.  It is a Czech opera about the lives of foxes in the forest.  Very deep.  This original Cleveland Production was multi sensory in that there were huge screens behind the full orchestra with beautiful, stylized animation of the story.  Live actors/singers also were on a small stage in front at times and most bizarely occasionally poked their heads through the screen in holes that were like trap doors.  Truly crazy but I thought it was beautiful. I loved it. It received great reviews , also one from NPR, and even The New York Times.  The Cleveland Orchestra is amazing.

Picture from The New York Times



Spring has finally arrived in Cleveland. I have gone to wade oval the past two days during lunch and it is beautiful.
Weeping willow
Group of trees pruned flat on top in the french style… what’s that called?
beautiful old cherry trees and blue skies

Eat Out: L’Albatros

Friday was a ridiculously long stressful day at work…. and my birthday to top it off. The only thing that got me through was knowing that Courtney and I were going to L’Albatros in the evening. We were going to go to the Cleveland Botanical Gardens before dinner to have a cocktail and view the orchid show but I was stuck on a conference call and didn’t get out of the hospital until six.

A nice way to start the evening

L’Albatros is Zack Bruell’s french bistro restaurant. Bruell is by far our favorite Cleveland chef. We have been to L’Albatros quite a few times over the years, especially enjoying it in the summer as its patio is perfect. We quickly made our way to the bar where I had a Maker’s Mark manhattan and Courtney had a Palm on draft. We made our way to our table about 30 minutes later. We ordered a nice bottle of white burgundy which is our celebratory wine of choice these days… especially when eating French bistro food. Courtney had a chopped salad full of sous vide chicken, blue cheese and other goodies. I had the spiced carrot soup which was nice and creamy and garnished with roasted almonds. Both were excellent. Courtney had the salmon and lentils for an entree and I had a platter of raw oysters. We have dreams about the salmon and lentils. It is so simple: roasted salmon, perfectly cooked green lentils and a bit of Bearnaise sauce. It is always so good. Perfection. We decided to skip dessert as we were on our way to the Cleveland Museum of Art for some more drinks and culture.

Eat Out: Greenhouse Tavern

Courtney, Jack, Jenni and I went to the Greenhouse Tavern on E.4th last night before going to a concert at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  This is the third time we have been here and again had a great meal.  We sat outside as it was a beautiful evening and it’s always fun to watch the people walking around E. 4th.  We split three appetizers: chicken wings, local green beans with tomatoes and whipped feta and a fresh peach that came with an agradolce sauce and bacon.  They were all superb.  We always have the wings and they are the best, most unique wings anywhere.  The peach was also perfect and a fun new combination.  For seconds I had a small plate of pasta carbonara with fresh corn, Courtney had a salad of endive and blue cheese, Jack had a strip steak with pomme frites and Jenni had a pasta called roasted pepper cacciatore.  Again, all were excellent but Jenni’s pasta won the prize for sure.  Perfect little pasta nuggets, not sure what the shape was called, with tomotaoes, peppers, fennell and other stuff.  MMMM.

EatOnEdgecliff Rating: A all the way! (Don’t forget to get the chicken wings)

Jack and Jenni in the arcade on the way to E 4th Street.
dreaming of chicken wings
relaxing on E 4th Street
watching Sharon Von Etten with all the hipsters
beautiful night

Shrimp with Red Onions, Lemon and Mayonnaise

This is an old family recipe that only seems to get made for special occasions.  It sounds kind of gross, but it is one of the best tasting, and simple appetizers around.  Talking to my Mom, they got the recipe from a friend in California over 40 years ago.  We went to Blossom on Saturday to hear the Cleveland Orchestra and this is one of our favorite things to bring to Blossom.  We also made corn and avacado salad, and teriyaki marinated sirloin skewers with red peppers.  It was a great night.

lot’s of onions. that’s the best part.
like most things…tastes better with wine
enjoying the shrimp at blossom
it was a beautiful evening at Blossom
our other dates for the night…Sophie and her pals
the cleveland orchestra was great as always


Shrimp with Red Onions, Lemon and Mayonnaise

  • Peel and boil as many shrimp as you are going to use.
  • Chill completely
  • Thinly slice LOTS of red onions.  Add to chilled shrimp
  • Squeeze a fresh lemon or more and add to shrimp and onions.
  • Add mayonnaise to get to the consistency that you want.  Creamy, but not too much.
  • Add just a bit of salt and pepper.
  • Let chill for several hours, the flavor develops as it chills.


Eat Out: Scotti’s

Scotti’s is an Italian place on East 185th Street that has been there for years.  I haven’t been there in probably ten years.  My Dad took Sophie and I out on Friday as everyone else was at Cedar Point and my Mom was out with friends.  We hoped to sit out on the patio but rain forced us to sit inside.  We had a really good dinner I’m happy to say.  We had salads with the house dressing.  Sophia had a pepperoni calzone that was nice and crispy, my dad had veal parmesean and I had chicken marsala.  The chicken was crispy and tender and the sauce was perfect with lots of mushrooms.  It also came with a side of garlic mashed potatoes that was tasty.  Scotti came and sat with us for awhile and talked volleyball with him as he coached his girls.  Will definately be heading back more often.

EatOnEdgecliff Rating: B+  (take credit cards and that might increase a bit)


Fourth of July

We started Fourth of July going to Blossom the night before to see the Cleveland Orchestra.  We went with the Hiti’s, Larives and Purcell’s. We went early and got a nice space for everyone.  The concert was great except that Mother Nature interfered during the 1812 overture and scared us…and the fireworks  😦 away.

Blossom is one of my favorie places
lots of people
the girls
emily’s impressive color coordinated bracelet string
arcadia’s 4th of July morning parade. the party octobus.
spend all day on the beach at mom and dad’s with all the princics. fun day.
fireworks on the beach to end the day




Wade Oval Wednesday

We went to our second Wade Oval Wednesday this week.  It was an Irish band that was good: better than last week’s Commodore’s tribute band.  It was a perfect night: not too hot, but a great night for a picnic.

claire and sophia
the chef talk going on at the botanical gardens. not sure who the chef was?
love these stepping stones
it took a little bit of talking to get sophie in the tub….but she did 🙂
the beautiful herb garden looking good as always
we forget Sophie is only 10 sometimes!
beautiful purple basil
sophie getting her snow cone on
study: cleveland museum of art
made it home JUST in time to see the very end of the sunset on a beautiful night

Verdi’s Requiem

We continued our Spring of culture last night with a visit to the beautiful Severance Hall to hear the Cleveland Orchestra perform Verdi’s Requiem. I was not quite sure what to expect as I don’t think I have ever heard it before. It was A M A Z I N G. The full chorus and  the four outstanding soloists really went over and beyond. Seriously raising the roof. I’m looking forward to getting a copy from the library and listening to the good parts again. There is nothing like being there in person though.

love this picture of Courtney standing in the doorway
such a beautiful place
a rousing standing ovation

Eat out: Bar Cento

Grace texted me Friday afternoon at work and said she was looking at my blog and thought I needed a new update and would be happy to go out to eat with us so I can post something.  Sneaky. It doesn’t take much to talk us into going out so we decided to head out to Bar Cento on West 25th when we got home from work.   Grace wanted to go there for her birthday back in March but we never made it.  We went early as it was Friday night and got a table right away. It actually wasn’t crowded at all. The Market Garden Brewery across the street was packed though. We ended up ordering a bunch of different things and sharing. We had some warm olives, mussels, frites, a large plate of different meats, cheeses and pickles and two pizzas.  Quite the smorgasbord. We had a pizza blanco, just oil, and cheese, and an olive pizza that we have had before here and is really good. The mussels were good and buttery and the fries were great as always with three different types of mayonnaise to dip in. The meat platter had a nice selection with a little bit of everything. I tried goose liver for the first time so am proud of myself. I liked it too.  We ate pretty much everything. Just brought home some of the pizza and some of the meat that was left over.

Eat on Edgecliff rating: B+  (The Pizza brings the score down)

happy sisters
happy that it’s friday night
looking good grace!