A Piece of the World; Christina Baker Kline

p9_book_c_piece_of_the_world_300Biographical Fiction (is that a genre?) of the story of Christina in Andrew Wyeth’s iconic painting “Christina’s World”.  Going back and forth from the time Wyeth painted the painting to the back story of Christina’s family.  Original, intriguing and hard to put down.

PJH rating: ****1/2





“Christina’s World”; Andrew Wyeth, 1948

Little Fires Everywhere; Celeste Ng

Two families living in Shaker Heights: haves vs have nots; artists vs consumers; mean mothers etc etc.   It’s nice to read a novel full of Cleveland references but I was disappointed in the novel overall due to the continuing changing points of views and the very unlikely plot and charachters.

PJH rating: ***

I had a bad year in 2017 in terms of reading.  I only read 21 books which is pretty bad.  I blame Donald Trump you MFer.  2018 will be better.  My Absolute Darling has been on many top lists for 2017, has been on my waitlist forever but I found a copy at the library.  I read it in one day which in itself results in a good rating.  Any book you can’t put down is good in my book.  But the subject matter is so awful and so violent I second guess myself.  It’s also pretty amazing that it is the first novel for this author.

PJH Rating: ****1/2

Ready Player One; Ernest Cline

A unique disutopian story set in a world that has fallen apart except that everyone is plugged into the Oasis – a world wide virtual reality game that has taken over the world.  The billionaire inventor of the Oasis has died and willed his fortune to whomever can solve a complicated video game quest in the Oasis. Geeky fun full of 1980’s trivia and throwbacks.  Stephen Spielberg is getting ready to make the movie – should be interesting.

PJH rating: ****