Eat Out: L’Albatros

Friday was a ridiculously long stressful day at work…. and my birthday to top it off. The only thing that got me through was knowing that Courtney and I were going to L’Albatros in the evening. We were going to go to the Cleveland Botanical Gardens before dinner to have a cocktail and view the orchid show but I was stuck on a conference call and didn’t get out of the hospital until six.

A nice way to start the evening

L’Albatros is Zack Bruell’s french bistro restaurant. Bruell is by far our favorite Cleveland chef. We have been to L’Albatros quite a few times over the years, especially enjoying it in the summer as its patio is perfect. We quickly made our way to the bar where I had a Maker’s Mark manhattan and Courtney had a Palm on draft. We made our way to our table about 30 minutes later. We ordered a nice bottle of white burgundy which is our celebratory wine of choice these days… especially when eating French bistro food. Courtney had a chopped salad full of sous vide chicken, blue cheese and other goodies. I had the spiced carrot soup which was nice and creamy and garnished with roasted almonds. Both were excellent. Courtney had the salmon and lentils for an entree and I had a platter of raw oysters. We have dreams about the salmon and lentils. It is so simple: roasted salmon, perfectly cooked green lentils and a bit of Bearnaise sauce. It is always so good. Perfection. We decided to skip dessert as we were on our way to the Cleveland Museum of Art for some more drinks and culture.

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