Eat Out: Scotti’s

Scotti’s is an Italian place on East 185th Street that has been there for years.  I haven’t been there in probably ten years.  My Dad took Sophie and I out on Friday as everyone else was at Cedar Point and my Mom was out with friends.  We hoped to sit out on the patio but rain forced us to sit inside.  We had a really good dinner I’m happy to say.  We had salads with the house dressing.  Sophia had a pepperoni calzone that was nice and crispy, my dad had veal parmesean and I had chicken marsala.  The chicken was crispy and tender and the sauce was perfect with lots of mushrooms.  It also came with a side of garlic mashed potatoes that was tasty.  Scotti came and sat with us for awhile and talked volleyball with him as he coached his girls.  Will definately be heading back more often.

EatOnEdgecliff Rating: B+  (take credit cards and that might increase a bit)


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