Eat out: Bar Cento

Grace texted me Friday afternoon at work and said she was looking at my blog and thought I needed a new update and would be happy to go out to eat with us so I can post something.  Sneaky. It doesn’t take much to talk us into going out so we decided to head out to Bar Cento on West 25th when we got home from work.   Grace wanted to go there for her birthday back in March but we never made it.  We went early as it was Friday night and got a table right away. It actually wasn’t crowded at all. The Market Garden Brewery across the street was packed though. We ended up ordering a bunch of different things and sharing. We had some warm olives, mussels, frites, a large plate of different meats, cheeses and pickles and two pizzas.  Quite the smorgasbord. We had a pizza blanco, just oil, and cheese, and an olive pizza that we have had before here and is really good. The mussels were good and buttery and the fries were great as always with three different types of mayonnaise to dip in. The meat platter had a nice selection with a little bit of everything. I tried goose liver for the first time so am proud of myself. I liked it too.  We ate pretty much everything. Just brought home some of the pizza and some of the meat that was left over.

Eat on Edgecliff rating: B+  (The Pizza brings the score down)

happy sisters
happy that it’s friday night
looking good grace!