Eat Out: Paladar

I think I’ll start posting our eating adventures outside of Edgecliff to add to the drama that has been building here.  We’ll see how it goes.

On Saturday night Courtney and I went out to dinner to celebrate her Birthday. We went to Paladar at Eaton on Chagrin.  We’ve had a gift card burning in our pockets for over a year and finally arranged to make it there.  We had a reservation, which was a good thing, because the place was hopping.  Totally full.  The atmosphere and menu seemed a bit “chainey” even though their chain consists of two restaurants I just found out after looking at their website above.  One here and one in Annapolis.  (weird).  Courtney had a mango mojito and I had a regular mojito…well actually we each had two.  How can you have just one? They were very good – with pieces of sugar cane as stirrers which was pretty cool.  (see frozen mojito post for something different).  Courtney had a spinach salad and I had some sort of corn bread / polenta cake with black beans, cheese, and herbs that was different and tasty.  Courtney’s spinach salad had pickled red onions that were yummy.  Courtney had fish tacos that we great… blackened tilapia (I think) on corn and flour tortillas, cabbage, rice and black beans and aforementioned pickled red onions. We made pickled onions a while ago when we made fish tacos and they are so easy to make and taste so good with tacos.   I had a dish with fried plantains, pulled pork, some sort of yellow sauce that I forget what it was and rice and beans.  Very good.  I don’t think I ever had plantains before.  Sort of a cross between a potato and a banana.  We split a pineapple upside down cake for dessert…which won the prize for best of the night.  Warm cake with just a little bit of pineapple, pumpkin ice cream and whipped cream. yummy.  food coma.

EatOutOfEdgecliffRating:  B

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