Eat Out: Aladdin’s

We went on a field trip to Akron on Saturday as we were dropping Jack off in Canton for a ride back to Cincinnati with one of his friends.  Alyssa, John and boys joined us on the adventure as they were on their way home to Findley which is (sort of) on the way home (well not really).  We first went to a craft show that we saw an advertisement for at a Waterloo hipster record store that I though might be interesting but in fact was not too exciting.  We then went to the Akron Art Museum which was great.  They recently added a new addition that is very modern and interesting to look at.  It looks like an airplane is growing out of the old building.

The interior spaces were great.  They had a lot of modern art that was cool.  The current exhibition that was going on was impressionist landscapes.  Pretty but boring.  They had chess boards and checkers set up in the galleries that kept the kids busy for awhile…but alas as in all museums kids get bored quick.  Although it isn’t nearly as nice as our own Cleveland Museum of Art,  it is worth the trip.

Some of the kids at the art museum….

After the museum we tracked down an Aladdin’s that was near by.  We have been to Aladdin’s many times and it’s a great place.  We’ve never been to this one and it was nice as well.  Small and cozy.  Me and Courtney split an Aladdin’s soup and the lentil soup.  They make the best lentil soup…full of potatoes, swiss chard, not too many lentils and then a bit of cheese on top.  The Aladdin’s salad is a greek salad with their house dressing which is very minty and lemony and very tasty.  Everything everybody got was great.

Cousins outside of Aladdin’s saying goodbye as we go our separate ways….

On the way home after dropping Jack off we stopped at Donzell’s which is a crazy garden center all decked out for Christmas.  Mom and Dad do much of their extensive christmas ornament shopping here.  It really is something else. Below are a couple of decorating ideas that we saw there that may show up outside of our house if can get around to it.

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