Eat Out: Market Garden Brewery

Courtney, Sean, Claire and I went out for a late dinner to Market Garden Brewery on Tuesday night after Grace’s swim meet victory.  Katie Maxwell and Joe met us there also and had a beer with us.  The Market Garden is next door to the West Side Market where the old live chicken store used to be.  It opened earlier this year and this is the second time we have been there.  We went late summer after the ingenuity fest and had a Sunday afternoon beer in the sun.  Pic below from then…they have an awesome patio with an outdoor fireplace.  Also have a great Sunday brunch menu.

On Thursday Claire and Sean had a sampler where they tried 6 different beers and then each picked one.  I had their brown ale and forget what kind of beer everyone else had.  We ordered a meat board for appetizers which came w pork pate, different sausages, ham, turkey, house made pickled vegetables and different sauces.  Tasty meaty treat.  Claire and Sean split a cuban sandwich, Courtney had shrimp tacos and I had their chorizo chili.  All were very good, especially the shrimp tacos.  When we were here in the summer we had the pulled pork tacos which were good as well.  For dessert…more beer of course.

EatOnEdgecliff rating: A

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