Eat Out: Sushi Rock

Courtney, Sophia and I braved the malls yesterday afternoon to return a couple of things that we have been putting off all week.  Sean and Claire were going to Sushi Rock to use up a Groupon so we invited ourselves to go along with them. (Thanks Sean).

Sushi Rock started with a place on West Third in the 80’s and opened a place in La Place in Beachwood probably ten years ago or so.  I think we have been there once.  We got there around 8:00 and our reservation wasn’t until 8:30.  We sat in the lounge and had a beer and Sophie had a shirley temple.  (When I ordered the Shirley Temple at the bar the bartender asked what kind of grey goose I wanted in it…really??)

Claire and Sean arrived at 8:15 and we sat down at 8:30.

We had calamari for an appetizer and then ordered four different kinds of sushi.  Sophie had an order of fried rice.  The calamari was perfect – good crunch, just the right spice served with a nice sweet spicy sauce.  Even Sophia tried one.  Sophie’s fried rice was good…tasted different with sushi rice but was tasty.  All the sushi rolls were good, we had a deep fried one which I never had before.

Aren’t Sophie’s new glasses cute?

Eat On Edgecliff Rating:  B+  -food was good, atmosphere a bit run down, cheesey/dated and the service could be better, but definitely a good place to go for sushi.

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