Eat Out: Happy Dog and Sweet Moses

Jack was home for the weekend and wanted to go to Happy Dog so we all took a trip to the mysterious west side for a late lunch.  Happy Dog is a rehabbed neighborhood bar on Detroit and W.58th that opened a few years ago and only serves hot dogs and tater tots and has good live music on the evenings and weekends. The room is very vintage 50’s/60’s with a great wrap around bar in the middle with bar stools and linoleum tables sprinkled around.  They had a great selection of drafts.  Courtney had a Great Lakes Conway and I had a Lagunitas Pilsner from Petaluma California.  Both very tasty.   Courtney and I split a hot dog with bacon-balsamic marmalade, caramelized onions, feta cheese and tomatoes.  Awesome – especially the bacon-balsamic marmalade which we’ll have to see if we can recreate.  I don’t remember what the kid’s had on theirs but it was everything and the kitchen sink.  You can also choose dipping sauces for the tater tots. We tried the house made ketchup, chipotle hollondaise, terriyaki, grape jelly with chili sauce among others.  All very good.

EatOnEdgecliff Rating: A

After lunch we wandered a few blocks down Detroit and happened upon Sweet Moses which is an old fashioned soda fountain that I’ve read about.  We stopped in for some post hot dog and beer ice cream treats.  It’s a great place where they make everything like they used to. (I miss Euclid Race.  Such a great place).  I had a mint chocolate ice cream cone, Sophie had a moose tracks cone, Claire had a chocolate milk shake and Jack and Grace split a beautiful looking and tasty brownie hot fudge sundae.  They had the wrought iron vintage soda fountain tables and chairs and also some nice art work and photos.  Cool place to go.

EatOnEdgecliff Rating: A

I guess we’ll have to go to the West side more often.  (Not really!)

Below is shot of the crazy Happy Dog menu.  You just check off what you want and it comes to your table in a few minutes.

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