Eat Out: Brio

We did a quick errand run out to Legacy Village Saturday afternoon in-between Big Shows and stopped at Brio for a quick dinner.  We have been there several times and always have a nice meal.  We sat at a table at the bar and had the wedge salad with blue cheese, bacon and tomatoes.  It is delicious and I always get this when we go here.  (Why does salad taste so good at a restauraunt and it just doesn’t taste the same at home?)  I had penne with a blue cheese sauce, chicken and asparagus. Sinful and tastey. Courtney has pasta with sun dried tomatoes and spinach in a white wine sauce.  Claire had similar with chicken and mushrooms.  The food came too fastwasn’t that was ok as we had to get back.

Eat on Edgecliff rating: B (can’t give a chain better than that by principle)

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