Eat Out: Florida 2012

We just got back from a week long trip to beautiful Grayton Beach, Florida where we spent the week on the beach and of course eating lots of good food.  The week in food….

Friday, April 7, 2012
We stopped in Montgomery, Alabama on the drive down and went to Dreamland for dinner.  We saw and smelled this BBQ restaurant when we were on our walk around Montgomery when we first got there to stretch our legs.  So being the good Catholics that we are on Good Friday and all we decided to really be bad and have lots of meat.  We got a table right away as it was pretty early. It is a chain of BBQ places in Alabama. We split three different plates of BBQ. Ribs, chicken, pulled pork and a bunch of sides and a pitcher of beer for us road weary adults. I also had a small bowl of Brunswick stew. All the BBQ was good but the chicken was especially good. We think it was smoked and was nice and tender. The sauce had a good kick to it with lots of pepper.

Claire getting her chicken on

Saturday, April 8, 2012
We went to the Pizza Bar in Seaside on our first night to celebrate Graham’s 10th birthday.  Seaside is a great, interesting  place where there are tons of options for great food…at a high price I should add.  We sat at a long table outside across from where everyone was walking to the beach so it was good people watching spot. Us happy to be on vacation adults had Peroni beers. We ordered three salads to split, one of them a really great beat salad with lots of different kinds of beets.  We had 5 pizzas and an order of mushroom risotto.  The best pizza by far was the simple margarita. Everything was very fresh and the pizza was nice and crispy. The risotto was rich and yummy with lots of good Parmesan.  It was a fun dinner and thought the margarita pizza was especially good.

Pizza frenzy
Happy girl cousins on their first day of vacation. Unhappy boy cousins on their last day of vacation

Monday, April 9, 2012
We went to the Red Bar on Grayton Beach for lunch on Monday.  This is the third or fourth time going here over the past few years.  It’s a local institution and the only place that most people know about in Grayton Beach.  We have found that it is way way way to crowded at dinner time so usually go at lunch. It is a ramshackle place layered full of stuff and super laid back. Everyone is nice and casual as all things in Grayton beach. We didn’t get there until 1:30 so got a table right away. The nice and relaxed adults had blue moon on draft. All the girls had grilled cheese – they alway do – big thick pieces of sour dough bread with lots of fries. Courtney had a grilled fish sandwich and I had a cup of seafood gumbo and a cheeseburger. Everything was good as usual. Don’t forget to bring your cash as they don’t take credit.

patiently waiting for their grilled cheese

Wednesday, April 11th
We went to Stinky’s Fish Camp for Dinner on Wednesday night on the way home from our expedition to the outlet mall (the mall was NOT my idea!). Stinky’s is west of Grayton beach, an area we haven’t explored much. John and Alissa told us to try out stinky’s as they were there last week and they liked it. We waited for a table for about a half hour and got a really nice table in the corner overlooking the lake the restaurant is on.  The hungry adults were drinking the spring seasonal blue moon which was very good. We split a wedge salad and a house salad both with green godess dressing which was very good. The dressing was a dark green, lots of herbs and very tasty. Need to try to replicate this one when our herb garden is going this summer.  I got a dozen raw oysters that we’re wonderful. Big fatties that were very fresh. So happy.  I talked Courtney and Claire into trying then.  Courtney liked them, and had a second.  Claire not so much.  I had fried shrimp, Claire and grace had fried fish, courtney had grilled red snapper and Sophie had pasta with cheese. All very good, Courtney’s especially. The fried stuff’s batter was good…was cornmealey and had a bit of a kick to it. Very southern. Was a good dinner and would definitely go back…especially for the oysters and salad dressing!

Yeayyy vacation
Someone very happy after slurping their oysters
Someone not so happy after trying their first oyster

Friday, April 12th

I just saw found this picture googling... we were sitting right weird...the sand really is that white and the water really is that blue.

For our last night we went to Seaside for dinner and did a mini-progressive dinner around the different food trucks and food stands.  Earlier in the week at Seaside we had BBQ for lunch from one of the trucks, the aforementioned pizza extravaganza and three mornings two of us biked to the brazilian coffee shop for awesome coffee.  For dinner this evening we started at Pickles and got an order of fried pickles.  Claire and Sophie snuck up here one afternoon and got them and said how good they are so we had to try them.  They are quartered dill pickles, breaded and deep fried that you dip in ranch dressing.  How can you go wrong? They were delish.  I got 1/2 dozen oysters (yeay) from the Shrimp Shack and Courtney and I split a 1/2 lb. of steamed Royal Red Shrimp.  This is the only place we have seen them and they are AWESOME.  SO GOOD. MMMM. Really. I wish they didn’t cost so much as we would eat them every day.  The girls got tacos and burritos from the taco truck.  We ate behind the shrimp shack in a pavillion overlooking the ocean during sunset.  Truly a great place.  We decided to get another order of fried pickles….just because.  We wrapped the night up with a stop at the ice cream place on the square where we had some gelato and ice cream.  Perfect way to end our great trip.

Thumbs up for the fried pickes. (p.s. I love my new takes such nice pictures)
Oyster and Shocktop Still Life
What a view.
LOVE those royal reds!
contemplating our 16 hour drive home in 6 hours.

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