Kelly’s Island, July 2012

We received a call from the Monroe’s around church time two sundays ago to see if we wanted to go on an adventure instead of going to church.  well duhhh.  We decided to take a road trip to Kelly’s Island.  We left around 10:30ish, got to the ferry around noon and were on the island for lunch time.  We had a nice leisurely lunch at a place on the water with all the hung over boaters, drinking beer which officially makes it vacation of course, then took a cruise on our official golf carts, checked out the gracial grooves, had a nice swim at the beach, and checked out the winery.  This was our first time on Kelly’s and it is much more relaxed than Put-in-Bay… which is a good thing.  A few pics:

on the ferry getting ready for some island fun.
Reilly and Sophia
lunch on the dock
Sophia and Aidan relaxing at the bar (much better than being at church of course)


the kids cruising on golf cart #2
the glacial grooves….verrryyyy mysteriousssss
wine tasting. N.A.S.T.Y. Why does island wine have to be so bad???
Grace and John relaxing at the purple table.






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