Summer 2012

What happened to summer?  It went way too quickly as it always does.  I have been a bad blogger and haven’t shared much even though we have had a great action packed summer with lots of adventure and lots of good food.  Here are some food photos that didn’t quite make it on here.  I’ll try harder as fall starts here in beautiful Euclid, Ohio.

i tried out a recipe for bruschetta with radishes and anchovy butter. not a big hit! I liked the pictures though. I will try again next year with a little bit less anchovies.
beautiful asparagus ready to roast
the swiss chard in our garden continues to grown non stop. we are happy!
friday after work cocktails at club isabella.
beers and brats at the cleveland restoration society with the hitis and the monroes
summer bruschetta
eats and drinks down at UBC
I don’t remember what kind of pasta this was that I made…but it looks good??
lunch on kelly’s island
wine tasting on kelly’s island…blahkdggggh. yuck.
thumbs up on pasta in chicago
chick fil a in chicago…i love chick fil a…this chick fil a in chicago was huge.
perfect cherry pie in the middle of nowhere in michigan
wine tasting in michigan
i’m working on a good way to grill corn…haven’t gotten there yet…but i like this picture
i made a beet au gratin – roasted beets, eggs, cheese – that was delicious. it was really ugly though so i never posted it.
roasted beets and fresh tomatoes
dinner at market garden brewery
maybe the dish of the summer…fries, pulled pork, ranch, bbq sauce and cheese at a place in munising michigan
burgers on the fire on jute late wisconsin
lunch at boulder beer bar in boulder junction wisconsin. had smoked chicken wings mmmm
hiked a mile in to escanaba lake in wisconsin and brought a picnic.
bents camp in land o lakes wisconsinc…our favorite…creamy dark and chicken wings
brunch at the yacht club with the monroes
summer’s finest


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