Trip: Wisconsin, August 2012

Thursday, 8/9/12

Courtney, Jack, Grace, Sophia and I left Cleveland at 0500 on our way to Wisconsin with a stop in the upper U.P. Claire stayed home as she had to work.  We drove to Munising, MI through mostly rain and falling temperatures.  It has been in the 90’s and higher all summer so we were happy to be going into cooler temps.  It was about a 10 1/2 hour drive with stops for breakfast and a quick lunch.  We booked two rooms at the Beach Inn in Munising, Michigan and were pleasantly suprised that it was pretty nice as the details were pretty sketchy.  It was right on the bay with all the rooms looking out over a nice big lawn with lots of chairs and things to do.  Unfortunately, it was raining the whole time so we just sat on the porch and had some beers while the kids watched the Olympics.  We went to dinner at the Brownstone Inn about 10 miles north on the main road.  It was a nice place that reminded me of The Cabin in Euclid before it was remodeled after it burnt down. We had a really nice dinner and was nice to relax.  We stopped at one of the beaches on the way back to the motel as it finally stopped raining to check out Lake Superior.  The beaches are beautiful as well as the scenery.  Crashed quickly once we got back as it had been a long day.

jack and sophie playing game on lawn of motel in the rain
checking out Lake Superior on the way home from dinner
happy to be going on vacation
our cute little motel

Friday, 8/10/12

  • Had a quick breakfast at the motel, checked out around 9:30 and headed to the Pictured Rock National Park for the morning.
  • Went to Munising Falls – nice trail up through woods and big rocks,  then to Sand Point – beautiful beach overlooking city and onto Lake Superior.
  • Then to Miner’s Falls – about 15 minutes away – another big waterfall and then to Miner’s Castle where you can see the beautiful cliffs and ragged Lake Superior.
  • Went to great hot dog place in Munising – Johnny’s Dogs.  Great menu and great food.
  • Drove to Jute lake. About three hours arriving at around 4.
  • Kanwitts there for last day. Went swimming and then had campfire dinner at campsite. Brats, hot dogs and hamburgers.
on the trail to munising falls
beautiful cliffs
munising falls
beautiful place
shipwreck on lake superior beach
rugged beach
our children are so strong
checking out another waterfall
castle rock
helllooooo…fries with pulled pork, ranch, barbeque sauce and cheese
jack showing off his impressive hot dog
relaxing at jute lake
fishing for minnows
nice bonfire
very nice place to have dinner

Saturday, 8/11/12

  • Hung out w Kanwits in morning, swimming, kayaking. They took off around 11:00.
  • We went to Boulder Beer Bar for lunch. Courtney, Jack and I had smoked chicken wings and a pizza and the girls had sandwiches.  After lunch we went on the Trout Lake trail for a mile hike.  Relaxed on dock on in afternoon.
boulder beer bar for lunch
pioneer girl
hiking on trout lake
happy to be in the woods

Sunday, 8/12/12

  • Went into “Musky Days” at Boulder Junction in afternoon.  Mostly crappy crafty stuff.  But nice people watching.

Monday,  8/13/2012

  • Went on hike around Escanaba for lunch.  Packed a picnic and hiked in 1 1/2 mile to the lake and picnicked and swam.  Great spot.  Great afternoon.  Hike back is another 1 mile.
  • Bent’s Camp for dinner
hiking in all packed up
jack and sophia
cookies mmmmmm
…not swimming
what a great spot!
nice shot of sophie
bent’s camp – another one of our favorites
post chicken wing stupor

Tuesday, 8/14/2012

  • Courtney went w Maryjo to Minoqua around 10:00 to visit a friend and have lunch.
  • Courtney and Grace swam across the lake to the other side.  Grace made it one way.  Courtney made it both ways.
jumping off the dock
nice face
nice technique
courtney and grace on their away across the lake

Wednesday, 8/15/2012

  • Lunch at Granery.
  • Walked around Fallison lake.  Beautiful trail with huge sections of red pines and old hemlocks
  • Scenic drive back via land o lakes.  Stopped to buy a few things at the grocery store and stopped at the ice cream stand
  • Campfire dinner of sausage patties and chicken breasts.
fallison lake
nice height

Thursday, 8/16/2012

  • Drizzly, much colder morning.  Stayed in bed and read until pretty late.
  • Attempted walk around jute lake with Courtney and Craig. Prob walked around 5 to 6 miles and only one quarter around.
  • Went horseback riding for an hour at the stables near Boulder Junction. Nice ride through the woods.  Had macaroni and cheese and take out fried chicken for dinner
stop sign in the middle of nowhere
horseback riding through the woods
nice way to travel

Friday, 8/17/2012

  • Carrie and two of her friends arrived around midnight last night as they are going to a nearby Lake for a bachelorette party.
  • Courtney and I canoed around the lake at 7:30 A.M.  Beautiful, bright blue skied day with lots of sunshine and cool.
  • Had a cookout breakfast of bacon, sausage, pancakes and eggs.  Everything very good.
  • Hung out on dock reading, swimming relaxing.  Kids went to Bent’s camp around 1:30 for wings but we stayed home as still full from breakfast.
  • Courtney and MaryJo went to Red Pine Camp function for dinner.

Saturday, 8/18/12

  • Left Jute lake around 5:00 and drove through downtown Chicago and got home in exactly 12 hours.  Almost a record.

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