Cincinnati, November 2012

We went on a road trip to Cincinnati last weekend to visit Jack. My parents picked me, Sophie and Grace up at home around noon on Friday and we met Claire and Courtney in Strongsville for lunch as they left right from work at noon.  We had a quick Panera lunch and then back on the road arriving at Cincinnati around 5:00.  We stayed at the Embassy Suites in Kentucky across the river as we stayed there last time and enjoyed it.  We got an extra big room as we knew we had a lot of people.  My parents had a room right next to ours.  Sean, Jack and Jenni met us at the hotel and we had a nice cocktail hour in our room having the kids running down to get the free drinks.  We walked across the Roebling bridge to get to the Moerline Lager house where we had dinner. The Roebling bridge was built in 1866 and is the longest suspension bridge when it was built.  It is beautiful and amazing that it is almost 150 years old.

cocktail hour
we had a bar in the room
everybody after dinner
cable detail
close up

Saturday, 9/10/2012

We had Embassy Suites breakfast and then headed out to Jack’s house as Jack, Jenni, Claire and Sean went to U of C after dinner last night and slept there.  Jack is staying in the house next to where he was last year…not as nice but not awful.  We went on a walk around the campus as my parents have never been there before.  We walked for around an hour checking out the impressive new architecture, the football field, the bookstore and enjoyed walking around on a beautiful Saturday morning.

Jack and Sophie in front of his (crumbling) house.
on the U of C campus
Jack and Grandma
There are lots of interesting buildings on the campus

After walking around we drove downtown to check out the Findlay market and had lunch there.  We went back to the hotel and relaxed in the afternoon – watching football, going for a walk outside and drinking more beer.  We went to the Hofbrauhaus for dinner and the kids stayed at the hotel for the night and playing cards and drinking (more) beer.  I think beer was the common theme of the weekend 🙂

the bridge during the day
one more

Sunday, 9/11/12

After another Embassy Suites breakfast we dropped Jack and Sean off at Jack’s house around 11:00, Sean was catching a bus back to Athens, and then we took off.  We stopped at the nice outlets between Cincinnati and Columbus and made it home around 5:00 or so.

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