Eat Out: B Spot

Courtney and I stopped at B Spot for lunch yesterday afternoon at Eaton while out shopping.  B Spot is Michael Symon’s casual burger joint.  I always thought it was a counter service place but it turns out it is a regular restaurant.  We sat at the bar and I had a Bell’s Best Brown ale – yum- and Courtney has a Great Lakes Christmas ale.  The space is nice even though it’s in a mall.  There’s a great mural of beer cans on the wall with a big B in the middle.  I had a bacon cheeseburger, Courtney has a thin lizzy and we split an order of onion rings. The burgers were great – nice and fresh, and buns were excellent – buttery brioche.  There were different sauces to put on the burgers and dip the rings in.  We especially liked the homemade ketchup.

the beer can mural

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