Taste of Tremont

stuffed cabbage and pierogis

Courtney and I went to Taste of Tremont yesterday afternoon as it finally cooled off some and we had the afternoon free.  Although it was our first time there it was the 11th annual event where they close all of Professor Street and all the Tremont restaurants, bars, churches and others sell small portions of food and drinks.  We went early and there were already thousands of people there.  Great food, great bands, lots of different beer gardens and great people watching.  We didn’t eat much.  We had some crispy fried asian shrimp with a sweet dipping sauce and then even though there were gourmet delights of every kind I couldn’t resist the stuffed cabbage and pierogi from the Croatian church.  They were perfect – no rice just meat and 1 cheese and 1  kraut pierogi. Lots of stuff going on in the neighborhood.  Claire is possibly looking to move down there – I hope she does so we have a good excuse to go more often.

Fresh Fork – our CSA – was there selling fresh corn on the cob
the beautiful St. Theodosius
the old Croatian ladies selling the stuffed cabbage
always interesting

One thought on “Taste of Tremont

  1. Pat, we just made 40 cabbage rolls today, for when the kids arrive. We used rice, with lots of sauerkraut.

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