Middle Bass Island

Saturday, August 17th, 2013

We joined the Monroe’s for our Third Annual Lake Erie Day of Family Fun a few Saturdays ago.

The breeze was blowing and the sun was shining as we took the Jet Express to South Bass Island. The was the first time on the Jet Express – it was nice as it dropped us off right at downtown Put In Bay.
We had lunch on Put in Bay finding a great spot at The Boardwalk. The food was surprisingly very good. Clam chowder, steamed shrimp, crab cakes and other Lake Erie delicacies. 🙂
The Kids table. We were fortunate to have Emily Jane along with Sophia, Grace, Jack, Reilly and Aidan along with us for the day.
Looking out from the Boardwalk patio. It was truly a perfect day to be on the lake.
After lunch we boarded the Sonny-S for the quick trip to Middle Bass Island across the bay.
John was our tour director for the day.
Sister cousins on the Sonny S.
the neglected middle children of the family.
The Lonz winery on Middle Bass has been closed for many years and is now part of the State Park on the Island.
the abandoned Lonz mansion. It must have been quite a sight 100 years ago.
We rented two golf carts and toured the island, stopping at this beach to relax and swim.
everyone make a fish face
We tracked down a co-worker friend of Mary’s who was staying on the Island. Her family has always had cottages in this amazing neighborhood full of these great Victorian cottages – all with huge porches, beautiful lawns, all right on the lake. We also figured out that we were in the same class at Denison. Very small world.
after trying three different places around the port Clinton for dinner that all had two hour waits we ended up at BW3 in Sandusky for wings for dinner. The kids had their own table – thus the panorama shot from someones phone.
the kids only table led to them having about 5 cokes each…and seriously bouncing off the walls as we made are way home after a fun day.

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