Gentleman of the Road, Troy, Ohio

Friday, August 30th 2013

Courtney and I traveled to Troy, Ohio to attend the Gentleman of the Road Music Festival. This is the second year of GOTR that is put on by Mumford and Sons.  They go to small towns around the world and basically take over the town and have a great music festival.  We were lucky that one of their stops this year was in Troy that is a small town 1/2 hour north of Dayton – about a 2 1/2 hour drive for us. We took off Friday morning and arrived in Troy around 1:00.  We were camping with the hordes so parking was about 1/2 mile away and we brought our wagon and walked to the camping spot.  The camping area where we were assigned was already pretty packed but we were able to find a spot and get everything set up with no problems.  It was HOT HOT HOT out.  We were happy we brought our sport umbrella that we just bought so we had some shade.  We walked around the venue and then walked into town whose main square was all blocked off and had two stages playing music.  Troy was totally into it and it was a great place to be.  The concerts started at 5:00.  We hung out in the shade for most of the early acts, people watching, drinking beer and taking in the scene.  They had great beer and great food in the grounds.  The headliner was Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros who were great.  Kind of trippy, happy music.  We went on the field for their whole show which was fun to be with the masses.  We were pretty exhausted after the concert and crawled into our tent.

Happy to be settled into our campsite
our campsite was right on the river across from the town. the concert venue was to the right over the levee. great set up.
the buildings in Troy were all decked out

Troy had all these weird life like statues all over the place
the main road before the crowds
Outside the stadium they had vendors, beer tents and performers. We hung out here in the shade a lot listening to the bands inside the stadium.
the lineup for the weekend
the stage. hanging with the happy hipsters
the sunset in between bands
Edward Sharpe and the Magnet Zeros. Awesome.

Saturday, August 31st

Somehow we managed to sleep – a little bit.  People were up all night but we expected that so no worries.  We scoped out the shower trailers right away as we were feeling mighty nasty. Happily they were just opening up, not crowded at all and there is nothing like a hot shower to get you moving.  We walked over to town to find something to eat. We ended up at The Caroline, a nice little place right off the square and they had a really good brunch buffet going on.  It was nice to hang out in the air conditioning.  We walked around some more, walked to the car to get some more water and hung out around the campground until the concert started back up at noon.  We hung out for the first couple of acts and then walked into town again which was getting packed.   Their were hordes of people crossing the bridge the other way and lots of people in town also.  We had some more beer, watched a couple more bands and then headed back.  It rained for about 30 minutes when the Vaccines were playing, but we were lucky in that is all that it rained as the skies were threatening the entire day.  The stadium was getting packed.  We headed onto the field to watch Old Crowed Medicine Show who were great and everybody loved.  We then scopes out are spot for Mumford and Sons.  Their show was really great.  The entire place was jam packed, rocking, on their feet the whole time.  Great stuff.

view of our campground walking over the bridge in the morning.
we hung out in the shade late morning listening to these two from Pittsburgh on the fiddle and guitar. What a great pic.
walking into downtown Troy
one of the stages downtown. love the hula hoopers.
Old Crowe Medicine Show.
The main attraction: Mumford and Sons.
borrowed this shot from the internet to see how packed it was. We were way up by where the lights were so we were right in the action. great show. great fun.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

After a great nights sleep (yeah right) we were up at 8:00, packed up by 9:00 and on the road.  A fun weekend that we would (and hopefully will) do again.

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