Cowell and Hubbard

We celebrated Courtney’s birthday last Tuesday with a night out at Playhouse Square.  We headed west after work. (thanks Mom and Dad for taking in Grace and Sophia for the night) and checked into the Wyndham where we were greeted with a glass of wine in the lobby, very nice, and quickly relaxed in our great room overlooking playhouse square.  We walked across the street to Cowell and Hubbard around 6:00.  Cowell and Hubbard is Zack Bruell’s latest that we haven’t been to so were  excited.  The restaurant used to be a high end jewelery store back in the day when Euclid Avenue was the place to be.  After decades of neglect the space is beautiful now, very modern, casual, an open kitchen and totally packed and hopping on a Tuesday evening.  Yea Cleveland!  We were psyched to see Zack in the kitchen when we walked by when getting seated.  In fact, after the hostess walked us to our table I asked if we could move to a different table where we had a good view of the open kitchen and Zack in action.  Yes I’m a loser, but definitely got a better table.  Dinner was great.  Courtney had a kale salad with pistachios and prosciutto followed by shrimp linguine.  I had a romaine wedge with blue cheese and then cod over pureed parsnips, spinach and beurre blanc.  Everything was great… the cod was the star.  We splurged and split a mocha creme caramel for dessert that was awesome as well.  I highly recommend and am looking forward to going back.  They were great at making sure everyone was on time to make their curtain time as well.

We had tickets to Once and enjoyed it very much.  Courtney is a big fan of the movie and the sound track so was particularly excited.  The set was great, the mood was casual, the songs were great.  It’s hard to explain.  Sort of the anti-Wicked sort of musical.  Again…I highly recommend.

view of Playhouse Square out our hotel room window. sweet suite.
creeper shot of Zack Bruell from our table. Courtney wouldn’t let me ask him for a picture when we were walking out 🙂
shot of the “Once” stage pre-show. Musicians and actors are playing and talking to people, there’s a bar on the stage that you can buy drinks at and the show just sort of fades in. Cool stuff.

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