A Gate at the Stairs; Lorrie Moore

Story of Tassie, a twenty year old who just started her first year of college.  She finds a job babysitting for a family who just adopted a baby who has been in foster care for the past several years.  The novel is told in first person by Tassie and goes back and forth between her personal life, her babysitting and her family back home on the farm.  The novel is very interesting and I was hooked right away.  The characters are great and the writing is wonderful.  The story is interesting – taking on racism, sexism, and patriotism.  The section that gives the back story of the adopted couple is truly frightening. Horrific. The author has a unique style that might turn some people off as not much happens a lot of the time, a lot of rambling thoughts… but again this is my type of novel.  I’m excited to read her other books.

PJH Rating: ****1/2

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