50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

The happy couple… definitely not looking old enough to be married for 50 years

Saturday was my parents 50th wedding anniversary and they threw a great party at Pine Ridge Country Club in Willoughby.  The party was great fun.   It was awesome to see family and friends who we haven’t seen in a long time.  The food was great, the venue was very nice and all had a good time.  It was great to be able to celebrate my parents.  CHEERS.  I wish I took more pictures… I always do… here are a couple.

Richy gave a toast on behalf of all us siblings and he did a GREAT job!
Claire gave a toast on behalf of all the Grand kids. She was very poised and a natural. Very proud.
Claire called all the Grand Kids up and they each said a few words about why their Grandparents are special. It worked out really great and they did a good job.
My Dad said a few words. Another natural. The public speaking gene skipped me over.
Some of my Holzheimer cousins who we never get to see too often anymore
Courtney, Maggie, Kathryn and Kathy
John, Mary, Pat and Jim
Meg and Kathryn
dance floor action
Emily and Kathryn

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