Wisconsin, July 2014

Jute Lake, Wisconsin, 7/1-6/2014

We snuck a last minute five-day-long weekend trip to Wisconsin over 4th of July. Courtney, Grace and Sophie picked me up at work on Tuesday around noon and then we picked up Claire in Lakewood and drove to Rockford getting there around 11:00PM. Up early the next morning and were at the Boulder Beer Bar by noon.  We didn’t do much at all during our four days/four nights there. The typical places to eat (Bent’s Camp twice), relaxing on the dock, kayaking, cookout at the campsite and enjoying the peace and quiet.  The bugs were horrific unfortunately and we couldn’t go on our typical walks through the woods as you would get swarmed by mosquitoes. Bummer.  We drove straight through on Sunday via Milwaukee through downtown Chicago and didn’t have any troubles.

Jute lake from the dock. The weather was perfect – 70’s and sunny.
Craig as usual caught all the fish
Courtney and Claire ad Bent’s camp where the Creamy Dark was flowing.
boat house still life
dock still life
water lilly on the shore of the lake
path back to the dock
mosquitoes chasing us back to the car at Sylvania
smiling at the fire pit
posing at the fire pit
campfire stories at the fire pit

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