Oxford and Granville, Ohio

Thursday, October 16th 2015

Courtney, Grace and Sophia picked me up at work around noon and we took off for a quick two-day Ohio college visit.  After stopping at chic fil a in Strongsville we had about a four hour drive to Oxford.  We stayed at Huston Woods, a state park just 5 minutes away from Miami University.  We arrived around 4:30, checked in to our nice cabin we were staying in for the night and went for about an hour walk through the woods.  Our hike brought us to the Lodge about mid-way where we stopped for a cocktail break.  A Manhattan for me, beer for Courtney and Shirley Temples for the girls.  A nice way to take a hiking break :).  We walked back along the road as we were nervous about getting lost in the woods at dark.  We brought food along with us for dinner and had a nice meal of burgers.  We hung out after our late dinner catching up on Project Runway and going to bed early.

Walking in Huston Woods
they either love each other or hate each other.

 Friday, October 17th 2014

Courtney woke up and made monkey bread that we had for breakfast with fruit.  Courtney drove Grace and I to Miami at 9:00 as we were attending a day long red carpet admissions event.  Courtney then drove back to Huston Woods and her and Sophie relaxed and then spent the morning doing more hiking in the state park.  The Miami event was nice, getting the admissions spiel, a panel of professors, a panel of students, a long tour, lunch in the dining hall and then a few hours at the College of Business where Grace is interested in attending.  It was a perfect fall day and Miami is beautiful.  Not sure who wouldn’t want to go there when seeing it on a day like that.  We met up with Courtney and Sophia around 3:30 and then took off for Granville for a quick visit to Denison.  We got to Denison around 5ish and walked the girls around the campus showing them the important landmarks of our earlier lives.  We haven’t been to Denison in a long time and there were several new buildings and actually a whole new quad off the main quad.  Very nice.  It was a ghost town though… hardly any students.  It was nice to be back though.  We had dinner in town at a new bar that we think used to be the grocery store.  The main drag is very different now, quite a few boutiquey stores that made me sad to see instead of the old drug store, butcher and things that are now gone.  We hit the road and pushed ourselves making it home around 10:00.

Miami U
Miami’s President’ house
In front of the Denison Biology building where we first met
The Denison campus is still pretty as ever
waiting to be serenaded to
beautiful chapel walk

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