Christmas 2014

Christmas went by in the blink an eye this year. Here’s some photos.

We somehow now have four different Christmas trees.  Tree#1: we toyed with the idea of buying a fake tree for our main tree… but can’t quite do it.  Our tree looked great this year.

Tree#2: Snowman tree

Tree#3: restoration hardware one with silver balls and icicles

#4: table top metal with lots of little silver and red ornaments

I found a real birds nest in the tree when I was putting the lights on. Means 2015 is going to be an excellent year.

Christmas blooms at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens

Sophia turned 13 on 12.13.14

Claire and Sean had a Christmas Sweater Party at their house. Sean won!

Soupy had his ice sculpture party at his house

I took hardly any pictures on Christmas Eve and not a one on Christmas Day. This one about sums up our Christmas Eve at our house with 28 people. Crazy but fun and nice as usual. On to a great 2015!

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2011

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