The Martian; Andy Weir

A manned space craft on Mars runs into trouble and needs to evacuate the planet.  The crew leaves behind one of the astronauts that they believe was killed and were unable to reach him.  The astronaut ends up being alive and stranded on Mars.  Told mostly from the point of view of the astronaut it chronicles the years long efforts to rescue him.  Very techy novel filled with many geeky details… but it is tough to put down.  An unexpected fun page turner.  Highly reccomend.

I just read the novelist first published the story on the internet, one of his hobbies but it eventually got published.  It’s now a huge best seller and the movie is coming out in two weeks.  It just premiered this weekend in Canada and got excellent reviews.  I’m excited to see it.  Read the book first!!

PJH Rating: ****1/2

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