Roanoke,VA; Asheville,NC and Great Smokey Mountains, TN

April 23-April 28, 2021

We started our “yeay we’re vaccinated” spring trip with a visit with Dan and Emily in Roanoke, VA. We brought some wine along with us from the Wine Spot and did a virtual wine tasting in their beautiful back yard along with some tasty takeout from one of their local spots.
We ended the evening with a slightly drunken Catan game 🙂
Went for a hike the next morning at a beautiful spot.
Stopped at Parkway Brewery on the way back for a beer and listened to the band.
Obviously a Donald Trump voter.
On our way to Asheville the next day we stopped at Chris’s place in Johnson City, TN and had a nice lunch enjoying his great view.
Made it to Asheville late afternoon and were very happy with our Airbnb up in the woods…
…with an awesome hot tub. Especially at sunrise.
Started our day in Asheville the next day at the North Carolina Arboretum.
Went on a nice hike through the woods…
…and enjoyed the late spring blooms.
next stop: Biltmore
We started by walking around the beautiful, huge grounds.
There we lots and lots of azaleas that were on their last legs
So happy to be outside and in the sunshine.
Inside the greenhouse with a plant material Biltmore model.
We climbed up a hill way in the back of the property…
…that led to a great view of the house…
…and the perfect picnic spot for the picnic that we smuggled in.
Beautiful views everywhere
hundred year old wisteria vines in the Italian garden next to the house
the famous circular staircase from the outside
I didn’t take many pictures inside the house – which was amazing of course – but I liked this little display that was tucked away in one of the rooms
more beautiful views
stopped at New Belgium Brewing after for a few cold ones in their lovely beer garden
Started the next day with a sunrise hot tub dip
We spent the morning driving north on the Blue Ridge parkway.
Beautiful scenery on a beautiful spring morning
We stopped and hiked at different points
craggy gardens path
Stopped at Forestry Camp in Asheville that evening for cocktails
And had dinner at Hillman brewery. Lots and lots of good breweries in Asheville.
We left Asheville the next morning heading south on the Parkway towards the Smokey Mountains.
We took our time, taking the long route and stopping along the way.
we made it to the Great Smokey Mountain National Park early afternoon and saw an elk wading through the river
Stopped at Clingman’s Dome and walked way up to get to this observation area.
Our airbnb was not as nice as the Asheville one but did have a great view
Hiked the Elkmont trail the next day which was one of the nicest hikes we’ve ever done
Abandoned cabins with just the remaining chimney were dotted around the area.
The porch on one of the buildings from an old camp that was being restored
picnicked at chimney’s picnic area which was another amazing spot
Had a nice dinner on our last night at Red Oak Bistro to cap off a great trip


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