A Blue Spool of Thread; Anne Tyler

Tale of family in Baltimore whose matriarch is in early stage of dementia.  The novel goes back and forth between three generations.  A typical Anne Tyler novel, but definately not one of her best in my opinion.  I think she needed a better editor – especially the sections going back to the 1940s towards the end.  yawner.  This was the first book I ever listened all the way through “on tape” in the car – actually on Overdrive on an iPad.  We listened to it 15 hours out of our recent 17 hour straight drive from FLA.  Painful – but doable.  It took us another week and a half listening driving to and from work.  Maybe that influenced my opinion… but I doubt it.

Anne Tyler is definately one of my favorite authors and I’m pretty sure I’ve read all of her novels.  Anne Tyler trivia: she is now 73 years old; Her first novel was published in 1963; she has published 20 novels; She won the Pulitzer for Breathing Lessons in 1988 (so good); She doesn’t do book tours or interviews.

PJH Rating: ***1/2

Shotgun Lovesongs; Nickolas Butler

Enjoyable read about a group of friends who grew up in a small mill town in Wisconsin in the 1970s and 1980s.  One is a farmer who still lives in the town, one became a world famous rock star, one became a trader in Chicago.  Told from different point of views I thought it was well written and a nice story about friendship and love.

PJH rating: ****1/2