The Nightingale; Kristin Hannah

The Nazi’s take over Paris during WW2 and two sisters join the resistance.  One helping fallen soldiers cross the border and another taking in orphaned children.  Interesting history but melodramatic and sappy writing.

PJH rating: ***1/2

Redeployment; Phil Klay

A group of loosely connected short stories about American soldiers in the Iraq war told from different soldier’s viewpoints.  Some in Iraq, some at home after the war, and all rather detached about the conflict or at least the reasons why they are there.  Sad but interesting read.

PJH Rating: ****

Old School; Tobias Wolf

Set in an elite boarding school in the early 1960’s a student deals with being an outsider among the privileged boys in the school culminating in a horribly bad decision he makes at the very end of his tenure.  Interesting literary short novel with fictional visits to the school from Robert Frost and Ayn Rand – who was a complete bitch – great.  Powerful ending with a switch in perspective from the ex-Dean of the school

PJH rating: ****