Eat Out: Tommy’s

We have finally reached the end of our self inflicted exile from going out to eat or ordering take out in the month of January. (we cheated and went to Panera once, Chipotle once and to the Olive Garden…but those don’t count right?).  Anyways, on 2/1/2012 Courtney and all the girls picked me up from work and we went to Tommy’s for lunch. We have been going to Tommy’s for over 20 years ever since we used to live around the corner even when it burnt down ( a couple of times).  It’s always a great place to go and food is always good.  I had felafel with hummus and sesame sauce, Courtney had spinach pie with mushrooms, Grace had a meat pie and Claire had…hmmm…what did you have Claire???  Sophie had a Judy – classic.  Split an order of fries and Soph and Grace washed their’s down with milkshakes. I walked back to work as the ladies took off to go afternoon bridesmaid dressing shopping .  It was a great stroll as we have been having this freakishly warm winter here in lovely Cleveland.

EatOnEdgecliff Rating:  A (It’s a Cleveland classic after all)

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