Book: One Day

A couple in London gets together for the first time on the day they both graduate from college.  The book follows them on the same day of the year for the next 20 years or so as they go in and out of relationships and eventually….spoiler alert if anyone is reading this……….get married…gasp…and then eventually she gets hit by a bus.  It’s a good read though, but I thought it was very sad on different levels and the main guy character is a douche bag (well in my opinion anyways). I notice the picture I posted is from the movie they made of the novel a few years ago which I remember got very bad reviews.  I could understand as their really isn’t much action in the book.  But I’m curious to see how they made the book into a movie.  I hope it’s on netflix….our new best friend.

PJH rating:  three and 1/2 stars


2 thoughts on “Book: One Day

  1. I loved One Day!! The movie was pretty good, actually (even though Anne Hathaway is in it…). My roommate loves books on tape and she said that it was amazing because the narrator was so good!

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