Eat Out: Michaelangelo’s

We haven’t had much luck eating in Little Italy besides the casual Mama Santa’s and Presti’s – both which are great and we go to all the time for lunch.  We have tried some of the nicer places over the years but none have been very good.  We have heard good things about Michaelangelo’s and have always wanted to go so we finally went on Friday to celebrate yours truly’s birthday.  We were there kind of early, so it wasn’t too crowded…but was filling up as we left around 8:00.  Right after work we went the the Cleveland Museum of Art to see the Rembrandt exhibition (very good) and then went to Michaelangelo’s after that.  It’s a very nice room, bigger that we thought as we have walked past it dozens of time, with a great cozy bar with a big fireplace that we will definitely go to next time.  We split calamari for an appetizer, not fried but sauteed and served with tomato sauce.  It was just ok – not too flavorful.  I had a bowl of escarole soup with beans, veal sausage and prosciutto.  Courtney had the grilled caesar salad.  Both were good…especially the soup which is definitely a meal in itself.  I had the mushroom ravioli stuffed w cheese and mushrooms with a rich dark buttery shroomey sauce with lots of mushrooms.  Very rich and delish.  Courtney had scallops served with papardelle which was made with a tomato and olive sauce. We were stuffed so unfortunately skipped on dessert.  The food was good, but wasn’t outstanding like I was expecting it to be, also for the price as it wasn’t cheap.  Still, I would say it is a nice place and would recommend.

EatOnEdgecliff Rating: B+  (next time try to eat in the bar and order less heavy things…or just a bowl of soup)

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