Eat Out: Eat at Joe’s

I took Grace to the orthodontist on Friday and we stopped at Eat at Joe’s on the way back to dropping her off to school.  Eat at Joe’s is a teeny tiny place on the corner of Green and Mayfield next to whatever drug store is right there.  I have heard about it before but never have gone there.  We were there at 11:30 and the place was packed.  We had to wait until a table opened up…just about 5 minutes because they move fast there! What a great place.  Simple and cheap and quick.  Breakfast or lunch anytime with just a handful of things on the menu.  I had a BLT and Grace had a cheeseburger.  Both were good.  The best part was that you could order hash browns instead of fries and the hash browns were awesome…crispy and greasy. mmmm.  Highly recommend.

Eat On Edgecliff Rating: A

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