Eat Out: Lola

We finally made it Lola after trying several times over the years to make a reservation without thinking weeks ahead.  I made this reservation about three weeks ahead of time.  I surprised Courtney on Friday and instead of going home after work we took a left turn instead of a right turn and went to downtown Cleveland and spent the night at the Ritz and went out to dinner at Lola.  We had a great night…more details on my personal blog…eventually.  Lola is of course Michael Simon’s flagship restauraunt that is now located on East 4th Street.  We were at the orginial Lola probably about ten years ago when it was over on the west side.  After a glass of wine in our beautiful room at the Ritz and a complimentary cocktail in the lounge, we headed to East 4th.  Lola is very dark, with a beautiful bar, looking out on the street, with an alibaster top lighted from underneath with a huge wall of wine behind the bar.  Very cool.  We had a nice table right in the middle overlooking the open kitchen.  We ordered ourselves a bottle of white burgandy and relaxed.  I had beef cheek pierogies for an appetizer and Courtney had the artichoke soup.  The pierogies were filled with tender pot roast like beef with a gravy like sauce and some horseradish sauce drizzled over it.  Very rich and delicious.   The artichoke soup was earthy, tasty with hazelnuts sprinkled in it as well as chuncks of bacon.  I had the smoked pork shop that came sliced on top of creamy polenta sauced with a barbeque sauce.  Courtney had hangar steak which came with a tasty, coarsley chopped gremolata sauce that was very good.  The hangar steak also came with an order of fries…which won the prize for the night as they were perfectly done.   Overall I would say that the meal was great…but not over the top. I think we are becoming food snobs.  We probably ordered too many heavy things though.  The menu is almost all meat.  But I would definately recommend going there and would like to go back and eat at the bar.

EatOn Edgecliff Rating:  A-

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