Eat Out: Lure Bistro

We went out to Lure Bistro last Tuesday to celebrate Claire’s birthday.  We have been to Lure Bistro several times over the years, even when it was just called Lure and used to be in Bratenahl a longgggg time ago.  But alas we have never been there for Tuesday 1/2 price sushi night!  We tried to go in the summer but we couldn’t go in.  Go figure.  Courtney, Claire, Grace, Sophia and I went and had a great dinner…ordering nothing except sushi.  Except for Sophia, who is not a fan, who ordered a heirloom tomato salad with fresh mozarella ( a foodie to be… thank you).  The sushi was all very good.  Fresh made sushi is so much better than the quick take out that we usually get from various spots.  We thought we ordered a ton but we had no trouble finishing it.  We tried a couple different things including grilled eel with mango which was very good.  Can’t beat the price.  Will be back soon.  Finished the night with Dairy Queen cake.  Happy Birthday Claire!

not a very nice picture. it looked much more impressive in person. it was fun to be there and see all the tables order these huge platters of sushi.
happy birthday Claire! 23! yikes


happy sisters

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