Clam Bake 2012

My parents clambake, a long family tradition, took place on Saturday night on a sunny and very chilly Edgecliff evening.  As always the clams were perfect and plentiful and the company was happy and full.  Not too many pictures but here are a couple.

everyone’s favorite party
a good way to spend a saturday
sunny but stormy lake erie
Patty P and Kathryn
looking good
the bake master taking out the chicken
sophia and mary
sean’s first manhattan ever. uh oh….
kids table in the garage. i don’t know where these kids came from…they eat more clams than the adults
clams waiting to be inhaled

EatOnEdgecliff Bonus:  Grace went to homecoming in the middle of the clambake – here’s some pix:

grace and luke
help from big sister
grace and morgan
the girls
love this one. going to have to photoshop that ugg out of the bottom corner though,














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