Work No. 865: Half the Air in a Given Space; Martin Creed

purple balloon still life

On our lunch time walk today we made a quick stop at the Cleveland Museum of Art (we are so lucky!) to check out the crazy balloon exhibit that we have seen from the street the last week or so.  As it turns out, Martin Creed is know for filling random spaces with balloons.  The space they filled at the museum is one of my favorite new spaces in the new East Wing that is a glass room usually filled with Rodin sculptures.  They took all the sculptures out and filled it with 25,000 purple balloons and they let you in the room and you walk through the balloons like you are buried in latex.  It was very odd, a bit scary, but a unique experience. Art? Of course.  It’s there until the end of November so go check it out…as well as the beautiful new atrium.

More on the exhibit here.

The artist’s web site here. Interesting stuff.

purple curves
the Rodin glass gallery (usually) from the street filled with purple balloons

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