Clambake 2013

Saturday was my parent’s annual clambake. We have had a beautiful fall this year.  Every weekend has been picture perfect.  Of course on Saturday it rained all day.  ALL DAY.  A lit bit of rain (well actually a lot) certainly did not dampen the festivities.  The bake was perfection, the company was festive and all had a great time.  I didn’t take too many pictures unfortunately.  To see more pictures visit my Uncle Tom’s blog.

putting in the chicken
Claire, Joe, Katie and Sean.
Double fisted. Such skill.
Kevin, Kirsten, Mary and John staying warm.
staying dry
kids table action
A great place to have a clambake with the gray sky and lake and hydrangeas trying to hang in there a little longer.
post feast hi-jinx.

Clambake 2012

Clambake 2011

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