Lake View Cemetery

We went on a visit to Lake View Cemetery last weekend on our eternal quest to find the infamous daffodil hill. We have looked several times in recent years but can never find it.

We went down a road that we never went down before that led to this huge dam that was right in the middle of the cemetery. Who knew?
Lake View cemetery was founded in 1869 and sits on 285 acres in Cleveland Heights, Cleveland and East Cleveland. It is a beautiful and amazing place to walk around.
grave humor
I love this picture… Jack and Rachel in a horror movie running from an ax murderer…
one of the old tombs… there are hundreds of them.
Success… we found daffodil hill. Pretty amazing too.
This is Jack’s graduation picture
Jack and Rachel
We called this little section The Vacation Cottages. It was right across from the Wade Chapel… which is really beautiful and really amazing.
The Garfield Monument is in the middle of the cemetery.
James Garfield was only President for 9 months and 3 months of those was spent in a coma after being shot.
The view from the top of the monument is one of the best in Cleveland.

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