Felice Urban Cafe and Town Hall

We went to two new hot eating spots in Cleveland this past weekend.  Friday evening we went to hear the Cleveland Orchestra perform Mozart’s Requiem with the Hiti’s and Monroe’s.  John was able to get his firm’s box at the last minute so we had superb seats right above the action.  The concert was amazing as always.  The first Friday at Severance is always early at 7:00PM followed by another band in the lobby.  This Friday it was a full gospel choir.  There were several bars set up throughout with the Hall beautifully lit and cocktail tables all over.  Very nice.  We then hopped over to Larchmere to Felice which is a converted house made into a nice restaurant.  There was a nice big porch, the bar was on the second floor and we sat up on the 3rd floor.  It was still totally full at 9:30 when we go there.  Courtney and I split an order of mushroom crostini, I had a really good cheese burger and a side order of sauteed Brussels sprouts and Courtney had a pasta with butternut squash and mushrooms.  While the service was a bit spotty, I felt sorry for the poor girl as she had to run up three flights of stairs the whole night.  Definitely a place to go back to in the summer as they have a great patio.

On Saturday we all went to Town Hall on West 25th for brunch.  We have been meaning to go here forever and had a great time with Claire, Sean, Jack, Rachel, Grace, Nicole and Sophia.  The place was hopping as all places on W25th are these days.  I had a draft from a brewery in California that I forget the name of that was very good, Jack and Courtney had Bells Oberon.  The girls all got crepes from the crepe bar, I had grilled cheese and tomato soup and Courtney had a veggie burger that was very good – made mostly with beets.  Everyone’s meals were great and we really liked the vibe – again they have a great patio that will be great in a few weeks if it ever gets warm here in C town.

The Cleveland Orchestra and Chorus right before they started
beautiful ceiling of Severence Hall
celebrating Saturday at Town Hall
right side
left side
Superman manning the crepe station
Jack and Rachel
stopping at the Market afterwards to buy some bacon from our favorite women butchers: The Pork Chop Shop

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